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FP Motion takes your first person game to the next level!

FP Motion is a plugin that uses a robust spring system and a library of different motion effects to improve the feel of your games.

Motion Effects
- Offset
Position your camera and guns wherever you want!

- Bob And Roll
Makes your camera and guns move as the player moves!

- Sway
Rotate and position your guns whenever the player moves the camera, thus adding weight to them!

- Lean
Use the Q and E keys to change your camera and guns position to create a leaning effect!

- Strafe
Simulates how a person's head rotates a bit when moving sideways.

- Shooting
Simulates recoil when the player is shooting.

- Animation Addition
Follows an object's animation, but allows you to make the magnitude bigger or smaller, smoother or stiffer!

- Breath (Idle)
Simulates a sort of breathing in and out effect, great for your first person guns!

- Falling
Simulates a sort of falling effect, where the object it is used on moves back and rotates as the player falls.

- Landing
Simulates a landing effect by applying a position and rotation force when the player lands.

The components in FP Motion have only been tested on PC, but they should work just fine anywhere else.


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